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New Series of SUNPRENE™ PVC Elastomer Offering Superior Cold Resistance

The new MCC-developed series marks a significant improvement in the material’s cold resistance, while maintaining PVC’s intrinsic characteristics, due to its unique polymer alloy technology.

การผลิตใหม่ของสไตรีนิค เทอร์โมพลาสติก อีลาสโตเมอร์ (ทีพีเอส) ในประเทศไทย


DURABIO™ - New grade adopted for Front Grill of “Mazda CX-5”

Bio-based Engineering Plastic “DURABIO™, Mitsubishi Chemical Develops New Grade for Large Automotive Exterior Components Jointly with Mazda

BioPBS Official supplier to the Audencia Triathlon in La Baule - France

30 000 compostable paper cups to contribute to low environmental footprint of the event.

Establishment of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Mitsubishi Chemical, Mitsubishi Plastics and Mitsubishi Rayon become Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

DURABIO™ for the exterior design parts of Mazda’s Roadstar RF

Mazda has adopted Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation's DURABIO™ bio-based engineering plastic for the exterior design parts of Mazda's Roadstar RF.

1 Million BioPBS paper tray donation for use at Sanam Luang (Thailand)

1 Million BioPBS paper tray donation for use at Sanam Luang (Thailand) for the people who come for paying their respects to King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

DURABIO™ for Renault Clio Outer Mask of Speedometer Combo

A First in Europe: Mitsubishi Chemical’s DURABIO™ Bio-based Engineering Plastic Adopted for Outer Mask for Speedometer-Tachometer Combo of Renault’s New Clio.