ZELAS™ are polymers designed for medical applications including R-TPO, specialty TPE compounds and tie layer resins. Specific solutions designed for film, tube and injected components for medical applications.


ZELAS™ polymers product range is comprised of 4 groups covering a wide range of properties, designed for film, tube and injected components for medical applications:

  • R-TPO: Reactor TPO for film manufacturing or injection molding
  • TPE: Modified elastomer with rubber/PVC like behavior for extrusion or injection molding
  • Tie layer resin: adhesive/binder for multi-layer film extrusion
  • Barrier material for long shelf life film


  • Flexibility (soft to semi-rigid)
  • Drop/impact resistance
  • Tailored seal properties 
  • Transparency/Translucency 
  • Chemical inertness
  • Easy processing 
  • Heat resistance 
  • Barrier property for long shelf life
  • High kinking resistance
  • Food and Pharmacopoeia compliance


MCPP designs customized PVC free and vulcanized rubber free solutions for IV-bag assembly, including film, tubing or injection molded parts.


According to grades, ZELAS™ can be sterilized by typical methods: 

  • ETO
  • Steam/autoclave
  • Gamma radiation without yellowing effects nor embritttlement


Most of ZELAS™ grades are designed to be compliant and tested to Pharmacopoeia and/or food regulations, relevant for materials only.

Before using our products, please make sure the legal regulation, conformity and safety limitation in the individual application by testing.

To confirm which of our ZELAS™ products will be suitable for your application, please consult us.

Main Properties

  • Medical Usage Medical Usage
  • Softness Softness
  • Clarity: Transparent Clarity: Transparent
  • Kink Resistance Kink Resistance
  • Low Tackiness Low Tackiness