ZELAS™ for film extrusion

ZELAS™ for film extrusion

ZELAS™ reactor TPO, specialty compounds and adhesive polymers for blown-film and cast-film manufacturing in mono and co-extrusion processes.


ZELAS™ product group includes:

  • High-performance, olefin-based thermoplastic elastomer (R-TPO):
    High rubber content with fine dispersion of sub-micron magnitude in a polypropylene homopolymer matrix.
  • Specialty TPE compounds


Shows a unique property balance comprised of high heat resistance, transparency and flexibility along with high strength and excellent impact resistance - Your ideal polymer for use as multi-chamber bag film. 

Film extruded by Zelas™ R-TPO can be heat-sealed at different temperatures, resulting in weak/ peelable or permanent seal strength.  

ZELAS™ R-TPO for film extrusion* 
MFR (230°C - 21 N)ISO 1133g/10 min1.67.0
DensityISO 1183g/cm30.890.89
Flexural ModulusISO 178MPa620550
Tensile Stress at BreakISO 527-1MPa4340
Tensile Strain at BreakISO 527-1%680650
Peak Melting TemperatureISO 11357-3°C162162
ProcessingBlown FilmCast Film

*Physical Properties shown for ZELAS™ R-TPO standard grades

ZELAS™ specialty tpe compounds

These product series complement Zelas™ R-TPO range and provide unique specialty features, such as :

  • Modifier for sealing temperature 
  • High gas + moisture barrier 
  • Chemical compatibility/inertness, low drug uptake
  • Flexibility, elasticity
  • Clarity/transparency
  • Low exudation / and stickiness


Most of ZELAS™ grades are designed to be compliant and tested to Pharmacopoeia and/or food regulations, relevant for materials only.

Before using our products, please make sure the legal regulation, conformity and safety limitation in the individual application by testing.

To confirm which of our ZELAS™ products will be suitable for your application, please consult us.

Values only describe typical properties and may not be considered as specifications.
Not all grades are available in all regions, please contact your local sales representative. 

Would you be interested by other possibilities of ZELAS™, please visit ZELAS™ product page