Medical: Injected Parts

Soft, transparent and highly elastic materials for the manufacturing of injected medical applications


ZELAS™ product line offers medical device manufacturers easy moldable, high flow material alternatives to thermoset rubber (i.e. silicone and butyl-rubber). MCPP is here for our customers to develop specialized medical polymers that work for your medical applications.


ZELAS™ medical TPE compounds is the material of choice for a broad range of medical applications including:

  • Drip chambers
  • Rubber seal replacement
  • Disposable syringe components
  • Infusion system closures


Depending on the application and part design, ZELAS™ offers:

  • Low compression set for good re-sealing properties & leak resistance
  • Low sticktion performance, easy sliding
  • Low stickiness
  • Good coring performance
  • Transparency
  • Low migration
  • Non-toxic polymer residues or substances
  • Suitable for 1 or 2K molding designs


Please contact our MCPP representatives for ZELAS™ Pharmacopoeia and food regulations compliance certifications.