TEFABLOC™: New breathing mask developed by Kunststofftechnik Backhaus GmbH

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Publication date : 11/06/2020

To perfectly adapt its new respiratory mask to each user’s face shape, Kunststofftechnik Backhaus GmbH has selected the TEFABLOC™ TOFI210 TPE, with a hardness of 55 Shore A.

In addition to a wide choice of hardness, which ranges from 35 shore A to 45 shore D, the TEFABLOC™ TOFI210 series has many other advantages which make it a versatile material, particularly for the injection of parts which have permanent contact with human skin or food.

The TEFABLOC™ TOFI210 series is approved for food contact applications in line with EU 10/2011 and FDA CFR 21 regulations. It also meets the toy safety requirements of European Directive 2009/48 / EC.


In addition to these regulatory details, this new generation of products (to which the TO210, TO212,and TO213 series belong) allows long injection routes as well as high productivity.

Depending on the desired rendering, the TO210 and TO212 series are the best options for bright colours.

This respiratory mask is the result of close collaboration between Kunststofftechnik Backhaus GmbH and MCPP’s German distributor, Chemie Plast Vertriebs GmbH.

Antonio Palma of Chemie Plast Vertriebs GmbH says: "This respiratory mask is the result of effective collaboration between the teams of Kunststofftechnik Backhaus GmbH, Chemie Plast Vertriebs GmbH and MCPP, whose products we have been distributed for more than 10 years."


Kunststofftechnik Backhaus GmbH

Chemie Plast Vertriebs GmbH