VINIKA™ rigid PVC Injection

VINIKA™ rigid PVC Injection

The rigid VINIKA™ PVC range incorporates a wide selection of formulations designed to offer the best value for money in terms of technology and satisfy a wide range of applications. All proposed formulations are lead free.



VINIKA™ rigid PVC compounds. Standard series for injection process: VRIN712-001, VRIN712-032, VRIN713-001, VRIN723-001,,VRIN733-001

 (1) Does not contain this specific substance intentionally added, but it may be trace in the raw material used. 

Values only describe typical properties and may not be considered like specifications.

Not all grades are available in all regions, please contact your local sales representative.


Since mid 2016 the global brand names for vinyl based compounds are:

  • VINIKA™: specialty rigid PVC-U and flexible PVC-P compounds
  • SUNPRENE™: high performance elastomeric vinyl based compounds (PVC-P)

VINIKA™ and SUNPRENE™ respectively replace TEFANYL™ and MARVYLEX™ in Europe