Wire & Cable

Insulation materials designed for cable used in severe conditions, such like automotive, public works, machinery and public area.

demanding environments

Cables play an essential role in the development of economies. They may be in our immediate environment , but many of them are not directly visible. They may carry electrical power or data, and sometime in extreme conditions of temperature , chemical contact or difficult weather conditions.

MCPP comprehensive product range includes solutions to comply with demanding environments such like automotive, rail-stock, public areas, machinery and industrial equipment.


MCPP solutions for the wire and cable insulation are organized according to 3 product groups:

  • LINKLON™: Silane crosslinkable polyolefin based resin
  • OLEFISTA™: Halogen free and flame retardant (HFFR) olefin based compound
  • TEFABLOC™: TPE offering both heat resistance and flexibility at low temperature
  • VINIKA™: High performance flexible PVC compounds