Water transportation

Flexible, soft and rigid durable solutions for water transportation. Typical applications are hot water tubes, pipes, fitting and seals for floor heating systems, hot water distribution, sanitary, rainwater and waste water drainage.

MCPP provides solutions to collect and transport rain water and waste water.


  • Gutter and accessories
  • Pipes, fitting and seals for sanitary
  • Pipe seals
  • Pipe coating
  • Flexible tubes for hot water 


  • VINIKA™(1): Rigid PVC-U in all colors offering strong UV resistance
  • TEFABLOC™: Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) with excellent elastic recovery
  • MODIC™: Tie layer resin (adhesive promoter) based on acid grafted polyolefin.
  • LINKLON™: silane cross-linkable polyolefin based resin.

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Since mid 2016 the global brand name for specialty rigid PVC-U and flexible PVC-P compounds is VINIKA™. TEFANYL™ products are now marketed as VINIKA™.