Water discharge systems

Solutions for soft sealing in sanitary and O-rings complying with EN-681-2 specification for pipes. Rigid PVC-U for tube fittings.


Manufacturing tolerances of ceramics are wide. To prevent waste water leaking, seals must achieve important relative deformation without creating mechanical stress neither on plumbing equipment nor on ceramic. 

Ultra-soft TEFABLOC™ TPE elastomers provide a perfect solution for such seals with very low modulus and excellent long term elastic recovery.

For the largest sections, low hardness foamed VINIKA™ provides a competitive alternative to die cut seals in foamed EPDM sheets.


VINIKA™ PVC-U injection grades with high thermal stability are specifically dedicated to inject PVC fittings while VINIKA™ PVC-P with biocide protection are designed for extrusion-blow process, to be used for flexible joints in plumbing.


Specific thermoplastic elastomers TEFABLOC™ TPE TOSI631 offers improved elastic recovery and complies with

  • EN 681-2: Elastomeric seals. Material requirements for pipe joint seals used in water and drainage applications.

It is offered as an alternative to cross-linked EPDM, for O-rings, with the advantages of compatibility with PP for multi-material (2K) seals. The 2K engineering concept is securing the mounting like the PP stiffener prevents the seals to move from cavity when inserting the tube in the socket.

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As of mid 2016, the global brand name for specialty rigid PVC-U and flexible PVC-P compounds is VINIKA™. TEFANYL™ products are now marketed as VINIKA™.