Automotive Wiring & Cable

Solutions for the insulation and sheathing of automotive wiring. 


  • TPO: Thermoplastic Elastomer Olefin based having strong abrasion and up to Class C thermal resistance
  • XLPE: Crosslinkable PE for the highest performances in therm of thermal temperature (up to Class D)
  • HFFR: Halogen free and flame retardant olefin based compound
  • TPE-S: Thermoplastic Elastomers SEBS based offering both thermal resistance and flexibility at very low temperature.
  • PVC: PVC-P formulations offer an intrinseque abrasion resistance with series covering Class B and Class C.

Flame retardant solutions

  • Zero halogen (HFFR-LSF0H)
  • Low halogen
  • Standard flame retardant


According to international standards, solutions comply with:

  • ISO 6722, from T1 (85°C) to T4 (150°C) thermal resistance
  • LV112
  • European Directive 2000 / 53 EC (End-of-Life Vehicles)
  • RoHS