Nippon Gohsei Europe becomes MCPP Europe GmbH

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Publication date : 15/04/2020

After Nippon Gohsei Japan (The Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co. Ltd) was incorporated into Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation as of 1st April 2019 last year, Nippon Gohsei Europe will soon be integrated into the Performance Polymers department (MCPP) of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation. 

From April 15th, Nippon Gohsei Europe GmbH, has changed its name to MCPP Europe GmbH, and the following business centers will be integrated in the European organisation of Mitsubishi Chemical. 

  • Soarnol™  (EVOH: ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer)
  • Gohsenol™, GohsenXTM, Nichigo G-PolymerTM (PVOH: polyvinyl alcohol)
  • Hi-Selon™ (Water-soluble film)
  • Nichigo G-Tape™ (Pressure-sensitive tape) 

We are sure that this integration will offer significant synergies and bring about positive changes for everyone, and your present contacts will remain in charge and will continue to provide with the same quality and professional relationship.


More information about Nippon Gohsei products: