DIY (Do It Yourself)

From professionals to handymen, no one would consider buying a tool that does not include non-slip grip zone to filter vibrations.

Comfort & DESIGN

TEFABLOC™ is a thermoplastic elastomer family available in a broad range of hardness, which can be combined and assigned to different locations of the tool according to expectations.

In addition to comfort and safety for the user, multi-material design strongly contributes to aesthetics.

Compatibility PP, PA, PS, ABS ...

These are some of the long list of polymers which TEFABLOC™ offers solutions with high cohesion, including when non-sequential over-molding.

Ease of process

Large processing window to be used with hot runner and long run channel with low sections.


New generation, special adhesion to Nylon PA6, PA6.6

Specifically elaborated for the molding of electrical power tools, TEFABLOC™ TE SI 744 is to be overmolded or co-injected with cohesive bonding on PA6 PA6.6, but also on PP and PC.