Side Glass and Sunroof Panel Encapsulation


Injecting on glass is a delicate operation which requires minimal mechanical stress on the glass to reduce risk of breaking it.

The material specification also includes specific processability including low pressure injection and high heat stability to cover higher handling time during process.  

There are two ranges specifically designed for encapsulation purposes:


  • The thermoplastic alternative to EPDM solutions with varying degrees of appearance from matte to high gloss that matches the overall glazing sealing system.
  • Compatible with several other materials including:  PP, ASA, PA6, PA6.6
  • Excellent long term ageing


  • High-performance PVC compound 
  • Excellent scratch resistance.
  • Available in a satin to glossy appearance

Both materials offer excellent long term ageing and strong heat process stability and a high level of fluidity to provide unparalleled grainage reproduction.


Its excellent weathering resistance preserves the overall appearance of the vehicle.