ZELAS™ for molded parts

ZELAS™ for molded parts

Zelas™ for injection molding of medical parts


ZELAS™ includes a comprehensive portfolio comprised of soft, transparent TPE elastomers and R-TPO for injection molding of medical parts. These products show performance typically known by thermoset elastomers or rubber, and can be characterized by the following specialty features:

  • Resilience/low compression set
  • Leak resistance
  • Low friction, easy sliding
  • Low piercing residue / coring
  • Low exudation / and stickiness
  • High transparency, low haze
  • Softness + elasticity
  • High-flow moldability


  • Pass autoclave/steam sterilization processes.


Most of ZELAS™ grades are designed to be compliant and tested to Pharmacopoeia and/or food regulations, relevant for materials only.

Before using our products, please make sure the legal regulation, conformity and safety limitation in the individual application by testing.

To confirm which of our ZELAS™ products will be suitable for your application, please consult us.

Values only describe typical properties and may not be considered as specifications.
Not all grades are available in all regions, please contact your local sales representative.

Would you be interested by other possibilities of ZELAS™, please visit ZELAS™ product page