Water soluble synthetic resin with excellent adhesive strength, film formability and chemical stability


GOHSENOL™ (PVOH/PVA) is the brand name of our Polyvinyl alcohol. It is a water soluble synthetic resin with excellent adhesive strength, film formability and chemical stability.

Since its foundation in 1927, The Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co Ltd, now Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, has been committed to developing a diverse range of special brand products through its unique know-how in research and process technologies. As a result, GOHSENOL™ products are now highly respected and used in a wide range of application areas, providing indispensable support to the technologies of the future. GOHSENOL™ (PVOH/PVA) is manufactured under a strict quality management system conforming to the ISO 9001 standard in order to meet  the needs and requirements of our customers.


  • High purity
  • Excellent film forming & film strength
  • High moisture & gas barrier
  • Binding capability
  • Chemical stability
  • superb dispersability



GOHSENOL™ (PVOH/PVA) EG series are used as excipients such as granulation binders, binding agents and coatings

 Our production facilities, manufacturing process, and quality system are managed in compliance with our self-imposed-standard conforming GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).


  • High purity
  • Excellent film forming & film strength
  • High moisture and gas barrier
  • Binding capability
  • Chemical stability

  • European Pharmacopoeia (EP)
  • United States Pharmacopoeia (USP)
  • Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients (JPE)
  • US Drug master file: No. 26119


GOHSENOL™ (PVOH/PVA) is widely used as a paper surface treating resin. Coatings formulated with GOHSENOL™ (PVOH/PVA) enhance a paper's glossiness,  printability and resistance to solvents and oils. 

Our specialty PVOH/PVA, GOHSENX™ Z series can also provide water resistance thanks to it's ability to be cross-link. Our GOHSENX™ L series, which has superb dispersability, is also widely used as a colour developer for thermal recording paper and as a pigment dispersant.



GOHSENOL™ (PVOH/PVA) is widely used as a binder and thickener for adhesives thanks to it's excellent
physical and chemical characteristics. In addition, GOHSENOL™ (PVOH/PVA), thanks to it's excellent surface activity and protective colloid, is also used as an emulsifying and dispersing agent for acrylic and vinyl acetate monomers, as well as an inorganic pigment stabiliser.




GOHSENOL™ (PVOH/PVA) is widely used as a dispersing stabiliser for the suspension polymerization of Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM). The surface active performance in relation to Vinyl monomers can be optimised by selecting the appropriate grade of GOHSENOL™ (PVOH/PVA) characterized by its polymerisation and saponification degree.






GOHSENOL™ (PVOH/PVA) is used widely in the cosmetics industry, for example, as a film forming agent for peel off packs, and as an emulsifier and thickener for lotions. MCPP Europe also offer for other products for cosmetics applications. For example, our newly developed  amorphous PVOH/PVA, Nichigo G-Polymer™, can provide excellent retention properties for hair styling formulations.





Agriculture is another typical application for GOHSENOL™ (PVOH/PVA). For example, fertiliser sticks for flowers and foliage plants are produced using GOHSENOL™ (PVOH/PVA) as a binder.

In addition, GOHSENOL™ (PVOH/PVA) can be used for the aggregation of field and horticultural soils, protecting sloping grounds from erosion and supporting the growth of lawn grass.





GOHSENOL™(PVOH/PVA) has a wide range of other applications including:

  • Textiles: Warp sizing (Spun & filament yarn), Finishing agent
  • Water soluble products: Automotive, Electronic & Toy Industries, Detergent films
  • Glass: Raw material of derivatives (PVB)
  • Coatings: Gas barrier films and Coatings for Food Packaging, Paper and Industrial films





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