Automotive: Interior Functioning Components


MCPP's product line for interior applications is designed with comfort, functionality and aesthetics in mind.


  • TEFABLOC™ and TREXPRENE™: Soft TPE with muti-material chemical compatibility for over-molding or co-extrusion with polyolefins and most engineering polymers.
  • SUNPRENE™: Flexible PVC (PVC-P) with high scratch resistance and offering specific surface aspect including leather like finishing.
  • DURABIO™: Transparent engineering polymer with improved scratch resistance for exceptional high gloss and vibrant colours, or black piano, without coating.


  • Armrest Skins
  • Buttons & Knobs overmolding
  • Console & Screen Frames
  • Cup Holders
  • Gear Shifter Boots & Knobs
  • Floor Mats
  • Gap Hiders
  • Seat Belt Components
  • Seat Adjustment Handles
  • Soft Touch Components
  • Touch Screen