Automotive fuel management

ADTEX™ adhesive polymers contribute to reduce emissions by evaporation from plastic fuel tank systems – our solutions for fuel systems help to preserve the environment and health.

ADTEX™ automotive tie-layer resins designed for plastic fuel tank and components stand for excellence in durability, adhesion and low swelling under fuel contact with the most aggressive fuels and easy processability.

Superior characteristics: 

  • Excellent adhesion to EVOH and PA, also at high temperature conditions
  • Outstanding durability against various fuels
  • Enhance EVOH/HDPE regrind compatibility
  • Low fuel swelling/permeability
  • Excellent mechanical/structural property

Typical applications

  • Blow molding multi-layer fuel tank
  • Blow molding filler pipe/tube
  • Injection molded valve and components 


ADTEX™  automotive tie-layer resins contribute to the increase in overall part performance in terms of evaporative emissions and pass more demanding automotive OEM specifications as well as local state regulations.

ADTEX™ Automotive Tie Layer Resins for Plastic Fuel Tank and Components are produced by MCPP, under licenced agreement & marketed globally with JAPAN POLYETHYLENE CORP. (JPE Japan). 

MCPP is currently operating a global rebranding of its portfolio. According to regions, our MODIC™ brand will gradually be consolidated as ADTEX™ for PFT applications.

Please check with your regional distributor for further updates.