Gaining more insight on home compostability in Circular Economy

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October 27th 14:00 CEST
Webinar -

Circular Economy is an answer to sustainability while compostable materials, by design and fit in the system, can provide a nature-based solution that can be returned safely to the earth.

Nevertheless, the perception of this “organic recycling” can be questionable for some consumers, according to their uses and the country they live in.

Reduce the risk of misleading consumer

Considering a material with superior biodegradability performance, is way to reduce the risk of misleading consumers, and this is one of the key interests offered by home compostable solutions, that could simplify the way of managing the wastes in some applications.

Home compostable packaging with superior heat resistance and flexibility

BioPBS™ is one of the solutions offered to the market to design home compostable packaging while offering additionally superior heat resistance and flexibility.

This webinar from PTTMCC Biochem Company Ltd
is hosted by MCPP, a Group Company of Mitsubishi Chemical


Katedao Chavalitdamrong has Polymer and Industrial Chemical Science Degree. She has now worked for plastic industry for 10 years, in different businesses: specialty raw materials, Masterbatch, and now bioplastic neat polymer, and had different positions and various experiences. Now she is Marketing Division Manager at PTT MCC Biochem Company Limited, supplier of the first bio-based polybutylene succinate to serve in sustainable product and society. Her role is covering marketing strategy, activities and new market development. 

Dr. Chinnawat graduated his Doctor of Engineering in Plastics Engineering from University of Massachusetts Lowell. Since then, he has been working with PTT Group and involves in bioplastics over 10 years. His current position is division manager and responsible to lead team for product development, new improvement on BioPBS resin, and support customers’ trials. 


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