Soft conductive thermoplastic material

ESD - Electrostatic Sensitive Devices

To protect sensitive devices from electrostatic discharges, the selected material must have a propensity to dissipate it.

Such a property requires materials offering a surface resistivity level in a window of 1.E+06 Ω.cm to 1.E+08 Ω.cm, while plastics are above 1.E+12 Ω.cm, with very good insulating performance.

Thermoplastic elastomer with conductive properties

TEFABLOC™ TPE range offers by nature:

  • flexibility
  • impact resistance at low temperature
  • elastic memory
  • anti-slip effect
  • chemical adhesion on polymers
  • easy processing
  • long term ageing

TEFABLOC ™ ESD series focus

  • resistivity 1E+06 Ω.cm till 1E+08 Ω.cm (ASTM D257)
    offering excellent dissipative performance
  • hardness range from 75 Shore A
  • chemical bonding on polyolefins