VINIKA™ NF 132 Rigid PVC for outdoor use

VINIKA™ NF 132 Rigid PVC for outdoor use

VINIKA™ NF 132 certified Rigid PVC for outdoor use

NF 132 Unplasticized vinyl-based extruded products for outdoor use

MCPP product portfolio comprises materials offering long term aging resistance, and specifically designed for oudoor application in constructions.

Such materials have been tested by the LNE (French Laboratoire National d'Essai) and are certified NF 132 (Official French recognition), according to NF T54-405:2017

The range include material in different colours and shades: White, Beige, Grey and also black and dark grey  that might be proposed like Thermal Bridge Break (RPT) for aluminium windows.

Official statement available from Library. 


  • Fence
  • swimming pool cover
  • Other applications include: Venetian blind - Closure strip - Louver - Sliding louver - Garage door - Wall coverings - Thermal bridge breaks - French shutter - Leaf shutter - Roller shutter - Miscellaneous

Commercial gradeNF
Swimming poolOther
VR EP 733-001-RX07White azureC6xxx
VR EP 733-001-RWB2WhiteC16xxx
VR EP 733-001-RWB6WhiteC17xxx
VR EP 733-001-RCE1IvoryC18xxx
VR EP 733-001-RWF8WhiteC19xx
VR EP 732-001-RGH6GreyC24xxx
VR EP 732-001-RGH8Light 
VR EP 732-001-RCL3IvoryC22xxx
VR EP 732-001-RWK9WhiteC23xxx
VR EP 732-001-RCL2BeigeC25xxx
VR EP 732-001-RWK7WhiteC26xxx
VR EP 734-015-RN77BlackC27x
VR EP 734-015-RGX1Dark 

Values only describe typical properties and may not be considered as specifications.

Not all grades are available in all regions, please contact your local sales representative.

Since mid 2016 the global brand names for vinyl based compounds are:

VINIKA™: specialty rigid PVC-U and flexible PVC-P compoundsSUNPRENE™: high performance elastomeric vinyl based compounds (PVC-P)

VINIKA™ and SUNPRENE™ respectively replace TEFANYL™ and MARVYLEX™ in Europe