ISCC Plus certification granted to MCPP France, a Group Company of Mitsubishi Chemical

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Publication date : 03/04/2022

On the way to achieve its KAITEKI Vision 2030 through the reduction of environmental impact and the promotion of a circular economy, Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers (MCPP) France has made a further step with ISCC Plus certification.


The Mass Balance principle is a significant factor in reducing the GHG emissions of thermoplastic compounds without impacting technical performance. It is a valuable way of ensuring traceability of the chain of custody for bio-based or recycled materials.

Evelyne Barre, CTO MCPP EU and Site Manager, MCPP France says:
“We are very proud of the globally recognized ISCC Plus certification which provides our customers with an additional benefit for the traceability of bio-based, circular and recycled materials. ISSC Plus certification and mass balance approach consideration are additional contributions to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and achieving our goal of a  32% reduction by 2030”   

Fahrettin Dogan, COO MCPP EU and Business Manager EU added:
“Our customers are expecting products offering high environmental score and value differentiation. It is in line with Mitsubishi Chemical’s KAITEKI Vision 2030, aiming to reinforce MCPP leadership in TPE and PVC speciality compounds, through providing solutions for tackling environmental and social issues.”
What next? MCPP France is the first entity within the Mitsubishi Chemical group to be ISCC Plus certified, and this will be extended to other sites.

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About MCPP France
MCPP France is a group company of Mitsubishi Chemical, developing and producing speciality PVC and TPE compounds for automotive, wire & cable, building, industry, consumer and packaging markets.
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About ISCC Plus ISCC PLUS is a global certification scheme providing traceability along the supply chain and guaranteeing correct and transparent use of the mass balance approach. Certified companies need to meet specific environmental and social standards, creating a chain of custody.

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