DURABIO™ for Renault Clio Outer Mask of Speedometer Combo

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Publication date : 01/08/2016

DURABIO™, developed by MCC, is a bio-based engineering plastic made from plant-derived isosorbide. 

It features excellent performance as it offers higher resistance to impact, heat, and weather than conventional engineering plastics. Additional benefits include ease of coloring – DURABIO™ can be simply mixed with pigment to create glossy, high reflective surfaces – as well its hardness, enhancing durability and scratch resistance. These advantages eliminate the need for a coating process.

Renault selected DURABIO™ after a careful evaluation that showed the material is equal or superior to conventional materials (for decorative parts painted high-gloss black) in terms of aesthetics, technical performance, and cost effectiveness. MCC will build on this opportunity to expand sales of DURABIO™ in Europe.

MCC continues research and development on high-performance products and production of environment-friendly, high value-added products.

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