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The TEFABLOC™ TPE product range is a durable EPDM rubber substitute offering a number of benefits and approved grades, including light colors, by major European bodies (CSTB, SKZ and BSI).

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In the European market, MCPP offers the widest range of material solutions for all types of doors and windows including wood, PVC and aluminum. 


  • TEFABLOC™: TPE range marketed as an EPDM rubber substitute without the need for vulcanization or cross-linking like EPDM does.
  • SUNPRENE™: High performance elastomeric vinyl based compounds (PVC-P).

In addition to rubber like behavior, TEFABLOC™ has a flexible processing window. The chemical nature of the material provides long term weathering stability even for light colours and new engineering design possibilities including multi-materials.

SUNPRENE™ - formerly named MARVYLEX™ in Europe - is well known for its excellent elastic memory, making it well suited for both dynamic seals and PVC profile static seals and can be co-extruded or post-co-extruded.



  • Weathering ability
  • Elastic-recovery
  • CSTB, SKZ, BSI homologations

  • Multi-material design
  • All colours
  • Easy cleaning

  • No cross-linking
  • Post/Co-extrusion
  • Recyclability


According to applications, country and region, material are homologated according to:

  • CSTB − QB36 certification for flexible materials (List of certified materials according to QB36)
  • RAL − GKFP (Gütegemeinschaft Kunststoff−Fensterprofilsysteme e.V): RAL GZ 716/1 (CLASS IV & CLASS V)
  • BSI (class A - class B)



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As of mid 2016, the global brand names for vinyl based compounds are:

  • VINIKA™: specialty rigid PVC-U and flexible PVC-P compounds
  • SUNPRENE™: high performance elastomeric vinyl based compounds (PVC-P)

VINIKA™ and SUNPRENE™ respectively replace TEFANYL™ and MARVYLEX™ in Europe