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13 to 16 November 2018

Wiesbaden/Düsseldorf, Germany, 18 October 2018

MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL displays its products for the first time at the FORMNEXT, the 3D printing tradeshow taking place in Frankfurt/Main from 13 to 16 November 2018. In doing so the company sends a strong signal to the 3D printing industry following the acquisition of Dutch Filaments, now called MCPP Netherlands and an integral part of the MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL group.

One of the highlights on the booth will be the gigantic Colossus printer (pictured above).  This unique 3D printer, which is the size of a sea container, will be printing chairs in real time during the fair.

For the first time ever, MITSUBISHI CHEMICAL will present its comprehensive range of materials for the 3D printing industry from the different companies within the Mitsubishi Chemical Group all on one booth - including filaments, granulates and powders to UV curing resins.

The stand will have distinct focus areas: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM); water soluble support materials; and sustainable materials, which will include DURABIO™ and BioPBS™, both developed by Mitsubishi Chemical.  The fourth area is dedicated to “partnering”, which is a key factor in the successful development of innovative solutions.

Visit Mitsubishi Chemical at FORMNEXT at booth 3.0 F40